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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  March 29, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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category. no problems with any precipitation today. we're going to be dry and sunny and breezy. winds could gust to 30 miles an hour. we're going to be dipping here already in the 50s now and staying in the 50s through the morning. this afternoon low to mid-60s for highs. in spite of sunshine and that sunrise 6:57. almost 7:30 on the sunset. there yesterday showers and storms quickly pulling away. this morning clear skies out there. and temperatures now dropping into the 50s. 57 in d.c.. still 60 in la plata and 62 in annapolis but some low 50s now from hagerstown out to cumberland and you guys back here? freeze warning in effect for tonight. quick look at it had's highs -- today's highs. 64 for d.c. and youer 60s -- and upper 60s down to fredericksburg we're getting busier on 66 more volume eastbound. heading in from manassas to get into centreville. only volume though slowing you down here past 234 and past the rest area. pick up the pace with 28 and
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centreville. brief slowdowns into fair oaks and more volume building in falls church. northbound 95 travelers, in the lineup from before the prince william parkway to route 1. stick with the interstate though. still cleaning up a crash on northbound route 1 at cardinal route. although police say you can get by. accident reported on davis ford road and inbound pennsylvania avenue before you get to 2935 and the sousa bridge. folks traveling i-70 corridor, pace is still good down through gaithersburg and rockville. heading on down toward the lane divide looks good. the next check of timesaver traffic at 6:15. mike back to you. thank you beverly. new developments this morning in the trayvon martin investigation. surveillance video showing the gunman, george zimmerman, the night of the shooting. >> and it goes against zimmerman's claims that martin attacked him and beat him against the sidewalk. delia goncalves is live in our satellite center with the
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latest. delia? >> reporter: trayvon martin's mother rather has some very strong words about this case and about the tape that she saw. she says george zimmerman hunted can killed her son. -- can killed her son like an animal and the video you're about to see is likely to spark some new protests because lots of folks have already said they believe there's a cover-up here. this is the first glimpse of george zimmerman thawier seen from the night of the shooting -- that we've seen from the night of the shooting. he's handcuffed heading into questioning and you can see he has no visible injuries to justify his claims that the 17- year-old attacked him first. trayvon martin's parents watched the video and said it proves zimmerman has lied to police and the investigation was botched from the very beginning. sanford police chief since stepped down and the u.s. justice department opened their own investigation. >> i especially want to thank congress for inviting us yesterday. it meant a lot to us.
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we started some dialogue to get strategies in place so that we can make changes so this doesn't happen to another young african-american child. >> this is a very tough uphill battle. our struggle continues. without you guys, to be our crutch, we wouldn't be able to stand right here today. >> reporter: trayvon martin's parents speaking to the media after they were on the hill accepting an award on behalf of their late son. andrea back to you. >> all right, delia goncalves with that update live in our satellite center this morning. trayvon martin's mother says she's just trying to protect her son's name by trademarking it. a lawyer for sybrina fulton has applied for a trademark on the phrases i am trayvon and justice for tray son. the family wants to stop any unauthorized use of his name. it usually takes one year for a trademark registration to be completed. one police officer was hurt
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while pursuing two systemed carjackers over-- suspected carjackers overnight. prince george's county police say an officer spotted is carjacked vehicle in chillum around eastern avenue and rigs road. this is early this morning. they say the get away driver then rammed the officer's cruiser and then ditched crash once they got into d.c.. the officer was not seriously hurt and investigators did recover a gun nearby but they are still looking for those carjackers. at 6:04 we focus on the republican presidential contest. big name support today coming for mitt romney: former president george herbert walker bush will formally endorse him. that's according to the romney campaign. now this is video of the former president from 2009. governor romney picked up the support of florida senator marco rubio. he's a popular lawmaker in that key swing state. marylanders are expected to vote this november on a referendum whether to legalize same sex marriage. opponents are still gathering
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petitions. the latest poll shows state voters evenly divided. 43% would vote against legalizing it and 40% would vote in favor. the opinion works survey is broken down along party lines. 45% of democrats and independences say they'll vote in favor. while 38% would vote against. for republicans, 26% say they'll vote to legalize same sex marriage: while 60% plan to vote against it. with so many negative stories in the news these days we're always happy to bring you a positive one. this one is about the amazing kindness of strangers and it's a story only hear on channel 9. a woman crashed her suv on interstate 66 near bull run yesterday and instead of waiting for first responders, other drivers swooped right in and helped out. they broke the windshield of her car and pulled her out. even before the first fire truck got there. witnesses say if it weren't for the good samaritans this could have been a lot worse. >> now if it had been on a
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deserted road of some sort, it wouldn't have been much help for her. probably laid in there if she'd been seriously injured and died but just so happens she's okay. >> now again overall the woman's okay. she just has some cuts on her hand. it is 6:06 and jessica doyle is watching your money. >> and despite the struggling economy, there's plenty of cash around here to watch jess? >> that's right, lots of locals are living the good life. there's lots of money to go around. the website mainstreet used data from the 2010 census to pick the 15 richest counties in the entire nation. get this -- ten of 15 are right here in maryland and virginia. and four counties are in the top five -- coming in number five, arlington, median household income is almost $95,000. most of the homes in the area go for more than $500,000. howard county maryland is number three. median household income is almost $102,000. close to 60% of its residents
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have a bachelor's degree or higher showing education does pay. second richest is fairfax county. the average income just over $103,000. and the richest county in america is loudoun county, virginia. median income almost $120,000. of course it's the home of dulles international airport and its port rate is a low -- poverty rate is a low 3%. number seven we have stafford county, virginia. number nine prince william county, virginia. and number 12 montgomery county, maryland. 13, calvert county, maryland. 14 st. mary's county maryland and 15 charles county, maryland. lots of quiet income out there. >> so interesting. you always would hear fair field county with all the hedge fund managers in connecticut but not anywhere near this. >> i did this series a year and a half ago called the other half looking at how rich people
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are in the washington area. there are quiet billionaires everywhere and you don't know they're there. >> thanks jess. here's something to make you say -- ew. see that beautiful pink color in the starbucks strawberries and creme frappuccino? it comes from crushed insects. starbucks says it's never tried to hide the fact they try and meet everybody's dietary needs. but the bug dye is fda approved and more natural than other colorings it used to use. now you know. >> see, there you go. okay, time now 6:08. we have no trouble defining what was cool about this week's cool schools. ♪ some of the best trumpet players in the whole country are right here from virginia. in eight minutes, see who is also giving them some really high-profile instruction.
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>> howard says it's going to be breezy and a bit cooler today. so ghana jacket a light one. your weather -- grab that jacket a light one. your weather first is next on 9news now.
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we are back at on this thursday morning. here are some of the stories making news now. today the house is continued to
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approve a -- expected the approve a republican budget plan. the budget cut spending changes medicare and does not follow president obama's plan to raise taxes on the rich. the jet blue pilot who had a midair meltdown is now facing federal charges. 49-year-old clayton osbon is charged with interfering a flight crew. his own copilot locked him out of the cockpit and passengers subdued him after he began screaming about terrorists during a flight tuesday. osbon is now undergoing a medical examination. d.c. mayor gray kicked off the 150th anniversary celebration of the emancipation act in the district. it frees 3100 slaves in 1862. there will be activities around the city all year long including at the african- american civil war museum on vermont avenue in northwest. okay, weather time now. howard bernstein alongside. we dropped a few more degrees and started at 62 and down at 57. >> probably drop a few more and struggle today to get back to
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645 and 64. a lot cooler than yesterday. one thing we really need. we need some rain. we're about 2-inches below average for the month and getting a little dry out there. been a very warm month as you know ask now that things are growing they require some water and we also would like a little rain to maybe clear the air out a little bit because the tree pollen is way out there. i know the numbers may seem like a lot lower on the weeds. or the grass for example. 3.83. but relative to grass that's moderate. so everything is relative to itself here and the weeds and the mold are on the low side. but yeah the allergens are starting to kick in. thank you to sue and her team over at the u.s. army allergen extract lab. cool and clear to start. almost 7:30 on the sunset. lots of sunshine today. breezy too. northwest winds at 20 gusting to 30 at 11:00. with temperatures down in the mid 50s upper 50s to around 60
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by 1:00. the high temperatures today about 64. but it's going to be a struggle to get there and a 5:00 p.m. temperature of 62 degrees. right now we're watching the colder stuff, cooler stuff if you will. pittsburgh in the 40s. locally mid 50s now in gaithersburg and columbia at 56. also 59 in manassas. still 60 hay market to centreville and reston and down south to bell voir. 62 degrees. clear skies on the michael & son weather camera this morning with great visibility. 57. north wind at 10. that's that cooler air coming down on the barometer rising quickly 29.76. big storms still pounding the pacific northwest, northern california but this guy from eastern kansas through missouri and iowa. this is going to head toward us late tomorrow. might even get a shower tomorrow afternoon but really tomorrow night overnight and into early saturday probably our next best chance of showers and like i said earlier a couple inches in the hole for the month alone. we could take the rain. 64 this afternoon breezy and
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gusts to 30. tonight 30s and 400s and freeze warnings in parts of western maryland and west virginia. better chance at night of showers, saturday 62 we'll have some sunshine and also a chance of a shower especially early and sunday, monday and tuesday warmer. here's beverly farmer a look at timesaver traffic. howard getting busier northbound 95 stacking up out of dale city past the prince william parkway most of the way into woodbridge. more volume newington to springfield. lanes have been open on 95 despite the slow traffic here. now if you travel on route 1 the accident cardinal drive you can get around it but that's still going to cost you some time. northbound route 1 rat cardinal drive into dale city. accident on davis ford road had police responding. the trip on 395 just volume and landmark and approaching the 14th street bridge. outer loop of the beltway slow go heading west of university boulevard heading around colesville and georgia avenue just been a volume delay there. a crash in southeast reported on the inbound lanes of pennsylvania avenue between
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minnesota avenue and kenilworth: 29 r5 also new incidents reported out of upper marlboro near wood yard road. next timesaver traffic at 6:24. back to you mike. the cool schools bus is going to college this thursday morning. george mason university and fairfax, virginia in fact. where students all the way if elementary school up to graduate students in college are making cool music. they're taking part in the national trumpet competition and getting tips from some world famous jazz and big band people including one you are sure to recognize. ♪ >> it's like they're -- >> three times a day, seven days a week. forest johnson fills air with music. he practices like it's his job. ♪ 11 years old from vienna,
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virginia, he is the youngest competitor in the 20th annual national trumpet competition at george mason university and it's pretty special to him. >> this is one of the very few times that i get to perform and like competitions. ♪ and also also at the same time see all these great players performing. >> long time tonight show band leader doc sevenson is one of many professionals willing to teach and inspire during this year's competition. >> give me the kid that's enthusiastic about it and he will practice because he wants to. >> to get in play fresh across the country -- players from across the country submitted youtube videos as the first round performance. ♪ then if accepted it's on to a live performance with a piano player in front of a panel of judges. >> the talent here is amazing and it's nice to be ableist give them a little bit of --
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able to give them a little bit of feed back. >> at stake prize money or a course at the prestigious interlocken music academy. but that's not the real value says event creator danny. >> they hear each other and it's more important to hear the other students in their own age group or me to tell them. >> and so do the parents. rich johnson, forest's father was his only trumpet teacher until now. he says the national trumpet competition taught forest to aim high. >> it's easy for a 6, 7, 8-year- old kid to say i'm only 8, i can't do it. but you know it's possible when you see them here. >> forest johnson can now say he is one of the best in the country after winning the junior division. all of that practice proved to be worth it. he's just 11. he's fantastic. and more and more we're really
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starting to see competitions are great motivators for students. if you have a cool school e- mail me at -- we'd love to profile your school or story coming up. our time is 6:19. next in sports another do or die night for the capitals. >> right now it's time for another check of the question of the morning -- >> facebook friend ingrid posts -- >> keep the guesses coming. we have the answer at 6:54. >> hey facebook friends, enter 9news now and hyatt regency chesapeake bay wonderful weekend sweep takes. guess the lowest score of each round of the 2012 masters golf
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tournament. >> you'll bet a golf and spaghettiway valued at more than $4,000 for you and three of your friend. head to our facebook page for all the details.
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welcome back. 6:23. your weather first. on this thursday morning. it's a little cool outside. just a light jacket but a pretty good day ahead. our day planner calling for plenty of sunshine. and also maybe a wind. we're going to have breezes at times out of the northwest gusting 20, 25, 30 miles an hour. it won't be as warm as yesterday with highs in the low to mid-60s. but still pretty good. mike and andrea over to you. thank you howard. just five games left for the capitals in the regular season. and at this point, they are all must win games. >> . the caps visit the bruins tonight the puck drops at 7:00. here's a look at the standings in the eastern conference -- the top eight teams will make the playoffs and right now the
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caps are at number nine two points behind the sabres. they are five points behind the panthers for the top spot in the southeast division. the mariners and athletics are playing right now in tokyo. in fact it's the second game of the season. it's scoreless in the top of the 6th. seattle won yesterday. well, the nationals have another week of spring training to go. they took on the mets yesterday. jordan zimmermann struck out two and felt really good on the mound yesterday. jayson werth blasted his fourth home run of the spring, the nats win 3-2 and they host the braves this afternoon 1:05 start. and opening day is a week away. >> just dropped my coffee cup. got it back now. the time is 6:24. ahead which part of the area could see teachers working for the rules starting tomorrow. >> and does your job make you feel like you're living in the
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movie "office space"? in ten minutes which profession was the unhappiest with workers. >> right now beverly farmer has a quick check on the traffic. >> the motorists haves are -- are not so happy in east. minnesota avenue the crash is going to be closer to kenilworth. d.c. 295, at the 11th street bridge and suitland parkway may be better for you. your next check of timesaver traffic with complete details at 6:30. you're watching 9news now. we'll be right back. stay with us.
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we are back at 6:29. this is always the place to get your weather first. here's a live look at cars moving on 270 at montrose road in rockville, maryland. 57 degrees right now. >> thanks so much for start, your day with us, i'm mike hydeck. >> i'm andrea roane. meteorologist howard bernstein is live on the weather terrace with the forecast. says you might want to take a jacket this morning? >> the temperatures are tipping into the third quarter -- dipping into the 50s right now. the winds haven't really picked up all that strong yet but i do expect wind today in the sense of they'll be gusting 20, 25, 30 miles an hour and also a lot of sunshine. don't have the problems with the frontment cog through with -- coming through with showers and storms yesterday but we're going to stay in the 50s much of the morning. highs today in the low to mid- 60s the winds out of the northwest at 10 to 20 miles per hour and they're picking up just a little bit here and there right now. 's are the line of showers and
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tomorrows -- these are the line of showers and storms yet at 6:25 with charlottesville and in prince william with some isolated showers, they have moved off to the south and east and all of the weather watchers from la plata to reedville, everyone reporting clear skies and there are your morning temperatures in the 50s. let's go to beverly farmer in for monika this thursday morning with timesaver traffic. we've had a few issues out there and southeast crash was on inbound lanes of pennsylvania avenue right between minnesota avenue and kenilworth avenue. ddot police should be on the scene there. it looks like squeezing by to the right inbound past the gas stations to get over to sousa bridge and kenilworth avenue. route 4 upper marlboro you had the issue with the vehicle broken down. that was tying up the right side on the trip to andrews. stick with the suitland parkway or 295 to get across the 11th street bridge. up in andrews landover and college park.
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hit the brakes here after 94 and before new hampshire avenue. that's a volume delay there. 270 with the volume delays into hyattstown. you're traveling northbound 95 those lineups out of dale city into springfield. more slow traffic coming on to 395 get up past landmark and then again at the 14th street bridge all lanes open there. the next check of timesaver traffic at 6:40. mike back to you. thanks. there's gnaw twist in the death investigation of trayvon martin from florida. surveillance video obtained by abc news shows the shooter, george zimmerman, the night of martin's death. now zimmerman as he has claimed does not appear in this video to be a man who was attacked and beaten by a 17-year-old. i'm here now in the newsroom here tracking the developments and the reaction delia is really, really interesting. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely if and you take a close look at the sid owe you'll see -- video you'll see why folks are going to be pretty outraged by it and folks are already talking about a cover-up in the case. certainly the video might
6:32 am
substantiate their claims but take a look for yourself. the surveillance tape shows zimmerman walking into the sanford police department. he's heading in for questioning. he claimed the 17-year-old broke his nose, slams his head on to the pavement but it's obvious you can see that zimmerman has no visible injuries the night of the shooting. trayvon martin's mother reacted after watching the video and says it discredits zimmerman's claims he acted in self- defense. here's what else she had to say. >> i believe that george zimmerman hunted my son like an animal, tried to detain my son, my son tried to get away and because he could not detain my son, an altercation ensued and my son was shot and killed. >> we are also hearing from the attorneys general in virginia and maryland. >> believe it or not, they both agreed on this issue. they stopped by the studios
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last night. they did say one we shouldn't jump and rush to judgment on this case. still a lot of investigation and we weren't on the ground so we don't know what exactly happened that night. still, lots of questions but they do say it raises some very important issues that should be discussed nationwide about the justice system. here's what they had to say. >> i think there's certainly a positive outcome from this whole discussion. which is should we have these stand your ground rules and should we be talking about racism in our justice system and does that exist? and it obviously does. the dialogue i think is a healthy one but to jump to conclusions about what happened that night is premature at this point. >> i would tend to agree with what doug has said. i think contrary to what seems to be the focus is the stand your ground law there in florida doesn't seem to be implicated by someone like george zimmerman who first
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pursued trayvon martin. >> reporter: the stand your ground law is at the root of the whole case and we know that by listening to george zimmerman's call to the police, they told him to stop following trayvon and he continued to pursue him and eventually had the altercation where he shot and killed him. >> it would be interesting to compare the 91 call of zimmerman with the cell phone call that trayvon martin was apparently with a friend or girlfriend of his. to hear how each side of it goes and we haven't heard that as we just watched the case uniformed so far. >> right, bits and pieces are being revealed at this point and we don't know what happened that night. investigators, the u.s. justice department opened up the investigation. they are now looking into whether or not searchman calls for help. you can hear someone screaming for help behind one of the 911 calls, was it zimmerman or trayvon martin? still lots of questions. >> an free yay? the hoodie has become a symbol used in the trayvon martin case. the youngster was wearing one
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when he was killed and symbol was taken up yesterday by congressman bobby rush, a democrat from illinois. >> just because someone wears a hoodie does not make them a hoodlum. >> congressman rush called this an act of civil disobedience. he was quickly reprimanded for violating the house rules and was escorted from the chamber. director spike lee is apologizing to florida couple. he was one of many people to tweet out the address of elaine and david mclane. he did it because he thought the home was where george zimmerman lived. but it wasn't. the sanford, florida police are keeping an eye on the mclane's home to ensure their safety. lee didn't send out the original message with the address but he retweeted it to his 200,000 followers. the question is what was he trying to do? we'll have to wait until june to learn the outcome of the health care reform case before the supreme court. the court held three days of
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arguments on president obama's law. the issue wednesday, if the requirement that all americans must buy insurance is struck down does that mean the entire law has to go? the white house is betting on the law being ruled constitutional. >> there's no con sin teenage plan that's in place. we're focused on implementing the law and we are confident that the law is constitutional. >> i think even if the court did nothing more than strike down the individual mandate. it would be a very significant victory and be a landmark decision of the supreme court. >> court watchers believe the outcome will come down to the votes of roberts and kennedy. they asked very pointed questions of lawyers supporting the law during the arguments. teachers in frederick county, maryland are getting ready to work to the rules. starting tomorrow, they say once they're off the clock, they're not going to grade paper, meet with students or plan lessons and no school work during lunch they say. teachers are upset with a budget plan which includes
6:37 am
possible furloughs and canceling the cost of living adjustments to their paychecks. 6:36, jessica doyle is watching your money and your happens. >> despite unemployment issues there are really people who really, really hate their jobs. >> yeah, for the folks who are consistently unhappy at work or maybe their colleagues are consistently unhappy at work it may not be them. it may be the job. there's a new survey out ranking the unhappiest jobs in america. and coming in at number one, security officer. the unhappiest job. you can blame late hours and loneliness being factors here. number two, registered nurse. number three teacher. low pay and few growth opportunities were cited there. if you're hoping to smile more at work also stay away from managerial jobs like product manager and marketing manager. the survey was conducted by online career site hungry for delivery but
6:38 am
hate the phone? living social is launching a new business today. it's an online takeout and delivery service called takeout and delivery. that makes sense right? >> really? >> this is similar to existing food delivery sites like demand for the sites of operations is growing as people conduct more of their lives online or on the smart phones. and speaking of the food business investors gobbled up shares of organic food company annie's yesterday. it enjoyed the biggest opening day gain for an initial public offering all year. the stock soared 89% on its first day of trades. closing at just about $36 a share. best known for its organic mac and cheese. we've got that at home. annie's now makes 125 organic and natural food products, i have the mac and cheese, i love it and my kid hates it. >> husband and wife -- it's a neat story. really cool. thanks jess.
6:39 am
our time 16:38 and nine minutes how you can enjoy some of d.c.'s top chefs while helping children in need all at the same time. >> and howard says it's going to be sunny today a bit breezy today. highs in the mid 60s, straight ahead he gives us a look to the weekend too. >> but first get ready to walk this way, aerosmith is going back on tour. it's released the dates for its global warming tour and the band will be at jiffy lube law in bristow, virginia tuesday july3rd. ♪
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good morning, welcome back to 9news now. it's friday eve edition we'll call it at 6:43 and 57 degrees. monika is out. i'm beverly farmer checking your timesaver traffic. starting out on 66 east with the lineup trying to get into manassas. this is just a volume delay really. most of the bay into centreville. more delays fair oaks heading into vienna and inside the beltway still kind of crowded at falls chunk even though the rules are now in effect there
6:44 am
getting on to the bridge. on northbound 95 still lined up. most of the way into springfield. more heavy traffic on 395 leaving edsall road past landmark and shirlington and then slow traffic approaching the 14th street bridge. maryland drivers i-270 stacking up heading south of 80 to hyattstown. heavy traffic again down past shady grove road the wind kicking a little bit on the cameras there too. southeast washington still a crash on the inbound side of pennsylvania avenue minnesota before kenilworth 295. better bet is 295 at the suitland parkway. they'll have some of the bailout. new crash prince george's county right before 450 now carrollton. inbound 4 out of upper marlboro a vehicle brown down and police were responding to that. your next check of timesaver traffic at 6:58. mike back to you. thanks so much bev. we'll talk to new a little bit. okay, we have temps well into the 70s yesterday maybe 10 or
6:45 am
15 lower? >> no threat of potentially some strong thunderstorms yesterday like we had yes. >> a few boomers in montgomery county yesterday. >> department drop a lot of rain and we could use it. one thing behind that line it's gotten cooler. today only in the 60s and tonight could be some problems north of town with again another freeze potential. we'll start with the look at graphic for tonight. freeze watches and warnings have been posted for tonight into friday morning. see the freeze watch in southern pennsylvania but western maryland parts of west virginia, we're looking at freeze warnings and totally possible that these freeze warnings going to be expanded out to hagerstown and maybe even northern frederick county closer to martinsburg and romney watch out for that. for thus morning at the bus stop, not bad. we're in the 50s, a little breezy out there but generally clear skies to start. sunrise in a few minutes at 6:57. sets at 7:30 this afternoon and a lot of sunshine today. temperatures though kind of be in check, only low to mid-60s
6:46 am
for highs. in fact by the middle of the day barely 60 by 1:00 here in town. a lilt warmer shutoff d.c. with those highs in the low to mid- 60s and the winds staying up all day gusting 20, 25, 30 miles an hour. you can see the slightly milder temperatures with 60 down in richmond and tappahannock. we're down to 57 and to the north and west lower 50s now in the shenandoah valley and hagerstown as well where they're zitting at 53. locally mid 50s 234 most of the areas in montgomery county with 58 for centreville. form bell voir still 62 and outside on the michael & son weather camera. clear skies just a few minutes before sunrise at 67 degrees. reagan national, a few clouds and north wind at ten right now and we are going to watch -- there's the front from yesterday. these showers well out towards st. louis and northern missouri. they're going to be coming here tomorrow night and might get a few of them here tomorrow afternoon. but a better chance tomorrow night into saturday morning. today 64. tonight 30s and 40s but watch
6:47 am
those frost and freeze advisories. 65 tomorrow. with the afternoon shower possible. more likely at night into saturday morning. saturday 62. sunday the pick of the weekend though with highs in the low 70s and 80 again on monday. andrea over to you. thank you howard, all right here's a chance to get some great food and drinks and do some good at the same time. the fundraiser by share our strength is called taste of the nation d.c.. chef is taking part and he joins us this morning. chef good to have you here with us. >> good morning. >> you're not just taking part you are members of the no new kid hungry chef council. why are you so committed? >> i'm a father as well as a chef and i've dedicated my life to cooking and my children. those are two of the most important things in my life and it's a really easy cause for me to get behind. >> exactly and when we think about hunger and childhood sungar, usually -- hunger, usually another nation, a third world country.
6:48 am
but this will benefit the americans. >> absolutely, 100% of the proceeds goes towards ending childhood hunger which is great. i'm a big proponent. i think knowledge is power. the fact that we have enough food in the country to feed everyone including those 16 million children, we just don't have a way of getting them the food. i think that should resonate with people and this is the most basic things. i mean if you want them to be -- you know adults that are educated or that contribute, you have to be fed you know at least. >> a healthy body and creates a healthy mind. we want to get the particulars out. this event is monday evening at the national building museum. >> right. >> tickets are $95 but $150 to get the vip treatment. >> right. >> have you decided yet what you might be preparing for the event? >> i'm known for my meat cookeries and i'm sure i'll be you know using some sort of really cool -- i'm into pork and this kind of thing.
6:49 am
so i -- i like to use a pork that you can find here actually in wag shall's. >> not too far from here. >> have you done this event before? >> oh every year. >> what's it like getting together with your colleagues? >> it's fun, it's a lot of fun. we all really -- this is a really tight-knit culinary community here. we all kind of you know care for each other and want do look out for each other and that kind of thing. we all came together around this event. >> it's wonderful. >> it's really great. it's a lot of fun. 80 restaurants. mixologists, a lot of food. so you can you know give and then you know enjoy at the same time. >> enjoy at the same time. again, we have more information on the share our strength taste of the nation d.c. on the website at look for chef victor there. >> i'll be there. >> thank you very much. >> all right, thank you. >> jessica? thank you. really cool event. we've been combing through the day's daily deal e-mails and retailer websites and here's some of our favorites today. want a smart phone but don't
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want the big price tag? check this one out. best buy's deal of the day. $39.99 for a cricket samsung vitality android phone. no contract on this one. normally $99.99 and you're saving $60 here. this is a good one for you road warriors, one of ebay's daily deals offering the armor tech 28-inch hard side rolling upright suitcase. this is from chow. right now it's $59.99. the suitcase normally sells for $300. so you're saving 80% on this one. plus you're getting free shipping. and who wants a burger? google offers has a deal with z burger today. pay $7 and get $15 for burgers, fries and shakes. if you have an offer you've seen or if you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i would love to hear from you on facebook. a which ever check on the news before you go is -- check on the news before you go is up next. some fs... ♪
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6:54 on the nose, today's thursday, excuse me, march 29th. here's a check on the news before you go this morning. a prelim mare hearing this morning for the woman accused of shooting a man at a columbia heights ihop. police arrested carson on monday in connection with the march 11th shooting. they think she targeted the man because he's gay. karen tolls will fight the reckless driving citation. she was caught going 105 miles an hour on the beltway last month. a teacher at one of the louisa county, virginia schools damaged by last year's earthquake won a national contest. she won third place in the great american classroom makeover. she says she intends to use the $1,500 on school supplies for
6:55 am
her students. 6:54. time to reveal the answer to our question of the morning and that question one more time -- >> and special guest star delia goncalves is here with the answer. >> drum roll please? >> here we go. >> of course it's b.. their hair appointment? >> why? the woman said -- one of the viewer said it's got to be makeup. >> you know if my hair isn't looking right the whole day isn't looking right. the whole day is off. this is dan our producer's idea. i was inside the newsroom getting ready for the hit. putting makeup on and doing my hair and chuckled to myself when this came on. i said well of course, i love my food. i really do. but, i will skip a meal to make my hair appointment. >> you have done that. >> you have done that. >> i remember a lot of your stylists are saying during last
6:56 am
year's snowmageddon are you open? are you open for your hair appointment? >> one more check of traffic and weather and make your hair appointment anytime you want when 9news now returns. stay with us.
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heir, we're in -- hey, we're in for a breezy and cooler day today. tomorrow 6 -- today 64. tomorrow 65. inner loop to the beltway. big problem on your side. the new crash along the right side of roadway. we're also still hung up in southeast with that crash on pennsylvania avenue near the sousa bridge. back to you. >> all right, thanks bev. "cbs this morning" coming up. more on the pilot meltdown and they're talking megamillions too. >> ooh boy we're talk that can too. >> we're going to be back in 25 minutes with a live update on weather. have yourself a great thursday and we'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning at 25


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